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Dog Park Safety 101

One of the most enjoyable activities to share with your dog is taking a trip to the dog park.   Before heading out to your local dog park, there are a few safety concerns to keep in mind.

1.  Make sure your pet is current on vaccinations.  Many of the diseases we vaccinate for are contracted from dog to dog contact. 

2.  Follow the rules.  Many parks will have designated areas for dogs of different sizes.  This is done to try a limit the extent of any injuries brought about from rough play or aggression.

3.  Make sure your pet takes time to rest and drink water.  Especially in the spring and summer months, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious medical concerns.

4.  Perform and flea and tick check upon returning home.  Fleas and ticks can transmit diseases to pets and humans alike. 

5.  If your dog happens to be bitten by another dog at the park, the first step is to get you and your pet to safety as soon as possible.  Make sure there are no signs of difficulty breathing or major blood loss.  If possible, cover the wounds that are more than abrasions and seek prompt veterinary attention.

6.  Have fun!



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