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Holiday Health Hazards for Pets 

The holidays are a time of joy and celebration, but they can actually be quite hazardous for your pets. We’re here to shed some light on the hidden dangers of the season for your pet–from dangerous foods to unsafe decorations. Read on to find out how to keep your pets safe and secure this holiday season. 

Christmas Trees

To prevent any accidents, firmly secure your Christmas tree to ensure it doesn’t tip and fall. Also, be cautious about the water in the tree stand. This water can contain fertilizers, which, if ingested, may cause stomach issues for your pet. It’s also important to remember that stagnant tree water can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria that can hurt your pet if they drink it. Ensure that the water is inaccessible or try an artificial tree. 

Other Holiday Decorations

Beyond the Christmas tree, there are many other holiday decorations that can present hazards for pets. Loose, dangling cords may be alluring to curious cats, and decorative stuffed animals may be mistaken for dog toys but contain potential choking hazards. Check all decor to ensure it’s not creating any temptations for your pets, so that accidents are less likely. 


It’s important to remember that some of our holiday favorites can be dangerous for pets. Foods like chocolate, onions, and certain sweeteners, which are often found in holiday treats, can be toxic to our animal companions. Make sure any holiday meals are kept well out of the way of hungry pets. Additionally, before giving your pet any food-related gifts, ensure they are pet-safe. The best practice is to keep your pets on their usual diet and treat them with pet-friendly snacks every so often. This can keep them from begging for scraps at the table when relatives or friends are visiting. 

Even with the best preventive measures, accidents can happen. When you need immediate veterinary care during the holidays, your local emergency veterinary clinic is here for you 24/7.



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