Common Signs of Pet Poisoning

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s all too easy to overlook the potential dangers lurking within our homes that could harm our beloved pets. From seemingly innocuous household items to certain foods we may not realize are toxic to animals, the risk of pet poisoning is a sobering reality for pet […]

Navigating The Unexpected: How To Prepare For Emergency Veterinary Visits

Just like humans, pets can find themselves faced with unexpected health crises. As a responsible pet owner, you’ll want to ensure you’re prepared when these frightening ordeals strike. We’re here to help you navigate the unexpected with our comprehensive guide to preparing for emergency veterinary visits. Be Proactive, Not Reactive The most important tip when […]

Pet Emergencies: What Can Wait & What Can’t

All pet owners are likely to face pet illnesses and emergencies at some point during their pet’s life. Not all pet health issues are emergencies, however, and many can be evaluated and treated by your regular veterinarian. Therefore, you should be aware of the warning signs of a pet emergency, how to prevent them, and […]

Assessing When to Visit the Animal Hospital for an Upset Stomach

You want your pet to always feel their best, so if they’re showing signs of an upset stomach like vomiting or diarrhea, it can feel like an emergency even if it’s not. However, there are times when these symptoms can point to more serious issues that should be investigated by your veterinarian. Read on to […]

Your Guide to Handling a Pet in Respiratory Distress

As pet owners, our pet’s safety and health depends on us. As such, when your pet goes into respiratory distress, it’s vital to understand how to remain calm and take on the situation in an organized manner to ensure the most successful outcome for your pet. It’s important to remember anytime a pet is having […]

Why Foxtail Grass is a Threat to Pets in the Summer

Foxtail grasses are tall weeds that look like wild wheat or barley. They dry out in the summer, and their seed pods, which look like barbs, can burrow into your pet’s skin or lodge in their eyes, ears, nose, or throat and cause serious health problems. Here’s a look at why foxtail grasses are such […]

What To Do If Your Pet Falls Victim to Heat Exhaustion

With summer fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to ensure you are prepared to handle the potential pet health hazards that accompany the arrival of warm weather. While the summer season is often associated with the conversation of flea, tick, and heartworm prevention, there is another risk that pet owners must be aware of, and […]

Prepare Your Pets for Natural Disasters

May 13th is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, which is the perfect time to create a plan for yourself and your pets. During a natural disaster, it’s more important than ever to know how to care for your pets and keep them safe. Whether you have to evacuate or shelter in place, you should know […]

What to Do if a Wild Animal Bites Your Dog

It’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare: a wild animal bites your dog while you’re out for a walk, hike, or in your own yard. It’s important to remain calm so that you can get your dog to a safe place so you can render aid. These tips might help you prepare so that you can […]

How to Keep Your Pet Safe This Winter

Winter can be hard on all of us, but it can be particularly challenging for our pets, who may still spend a significant amount of time outside. Be proactive about your pet’s safety this cold season by reviewing these winter pet safety tips.  Keep Your Pet Indoors  While it may not be possible to keep […]