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Five Signs Your Pet Needs Emergency Medical Attention

Determining whether your animal needs emergency veterinary care can be tricky. Most pet owners would rather wait until business hours to see a veterinarian that they know and trust, but some emergency cases are time sensitive and require immediate action. Here are five signs that your pet needs to be brought to the emergency veterinary hospital.

Staggering, Stumbling or Inability to Stand

There are several reasons your pet may be struggling to stand or walk. Internal issues such as internal bleeding or organ failure can cause your pet to be immobilized. It can also be due to paralysis brought on by an injured spine or herniated disk. If your pet is having trouble moving, they need to see a professional immediately.

Repeated or Bloody Vomiting or Diarrhea

If your pet vomits once or twice throughout the day, it could be just a common upset stomach. However, if your pet is repeatedly vomiting or you notice blood in their vomit, they need to see a veterinarian. The same goes for stools; any sight of blood is an indication that there’s a more severe issue.

Ingestion of a Foreign Object

If your pet has ingested a foreign object, they will require an emergency veterinary visit. Consuming foreign objects can be extremely hazardous as they can cause blockages or tearing within your pet’s digestive tract.

Broken Bones or Open Wounds

Accidents happen, and when they do, your pet may require a professional’s help right away. If your dog breaks a bone or is seriously injured, resulting in excessive bleeding, don’t hesitate to bring them to your nearest emergency veterinary hospital.

Bloated or Swollen Abdomen

When your pet has internal issues, a common symptom can be a bloated, swollen, or sore abdomen. Suppose your pet has a tender belly that is preventing them from acting like their usual self. In that case, they should be brought in for a thorough diagnosis to avoid potentially dangerous problems.

If your pet is injured, sick, or not acting like their usual, playful self, don’t hesitate to visit your local emergency veterinary clinic.



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