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5 Scary Halloween Hazards for Pets

Halloween is the season of ghosts, witches, and plenty of scares! One scare you won’t want this Halloween is a pet emergency. Avoid emergency veterinarian visits this October by pet-proofing your home to avoid these hazards. 

Pet Costumes 

If your pet is not used to wearing costumes, it may cause anxiety and stress for them. Avoid dressing your pet up if they are not comfortable with it. If your pet loves a good outfit, be sure it is not too loose or tight. Ill-fitting costumes may get snagged on external objects or become choking hazards for your pet. 

Candy & Chocolate

Reserve the candy and chocolate for Trick-or-Treaters and not your fluffy friends. Chocolate is poisonous to your pets, especially dark chocolate, due to the high levels of theobromine. Sugar-free candies are also toxic as the sugar substitute, Xylitol, is poisonous and can cause severe health problems for your cat or dog.  

Candy Wrappers 

Make sure your candy wrappers go from your candy bowl to the garbage, as they can become a severe issue for your pet if they accidentally swallow one. Ingesting a candy wrapper can cause severe blockages in your pet’s digestive tract, resulting in the need for emergency veterinary attention.


Everyone loves a good Halloween party, especially when there are spooky cocktails available. However, alcohol is highly toxic to animals and drinks should be kept out of their reach. Accidental ingestion can leave your pet with drunkenness symptoms that cause discomfort, if your pet ingests a lot of alcohol, they will become fatally sick and require immediate veterinary attention.


Carved Jack-o-lanterns are an anticipated part of Halloween but can be easily knocked over by your pet. Keep your pet away from lit jack-o-lanterns, as they may accidentally cause a fire or get burned. Light-up or electrical decorations should be unplugged to prevent your mischievous pets from playing with them and getting hurt. 

Contact your local emergency veterinary hospital for more helpful tips & tricks on keeping your pet safe during the holidays as well as immediate care when your pet needs it.



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