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Preparing Your Pet Sitter for a Veterinary Emergency

Preparing Your Pet Sitter for a Veterinary Emergency

Whether you are gone for days or just a few hours there’s one question that is likely to be on your mind: Who will look after your pet? The good news is that with modern online resources, it’s easy to find a reliable pet sitter who will keep your pet happy, safe, and comfortable during your time away from home. One important thing is to make sure that your pet sitter is prepared in case of a pet emergency while you are away.

Go Over Any Health Conditions that Your Pet May Have

One of the most important things you can do to prepare a new pet sitter is to carefully review any health concerns or medical conditions that your pet has. After all, your pet sitter can only provide adequate care if she knows all of the details. If your pet requires medication, be sure to review the dosage and directions with your pet sitter, and leave a written set of instructions for the pet sitter to have on hand.

Provide Emergency Contact Info

If your pet does experience a veterinary emergency, it’s essential that your pet sitter knows who to contact. In addition to providing the sitter with your own cell phone number, you should also provide the contact info for your general practice veterinarian, preferred emergency veterinary hospital, and one or two people who are nearby and can help in the event of an emergency. Leave written authorization for your pet sitter to approve treatment on your pet, including the upper dollar limit, if you are not able to be contacted. You may also want to give a copy of the document to your pet’s regular veterinarian.

Ensure Prompt Transportation

Be sure to provide full contact information including the name, phone number, and physical address of your general practice and emergency veterinarians as well as confirm that your pet sitter has the means to transport your pet to the hospital if needed.

Pet Identification

Make sure your pet is properly identified in case your pet gets loose. An id tag or embroidered information on its collar, and/or a microchip that has your updated contact information on the registration.

No matter how carefully you or someone else looks after your pet, veterinary emergencies can still happen which is why it’s important to prepare ahead of time. Call The Animal Emergency Clinic North East at 281-446-4900 with any further questions on how to prepare your pet sitter or in case of an emergency! 



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