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Ways to Take Care of an Injured Pet

When your pet is injured, you may be too panicked to know how to act quickly and effectively. Preparing ahead of time will give you the tools you need to take care of an injured pet and safely transport them to the closest veterinary hospital.

Assess Your Pet’s Injury

Quickly assess the extent of your pet’s injury. If your pet is unconscious, bleeding severely, or has multiple wounds or injuries, you need to get them to the closest veterinary hospital as quickly as possible. If your pet has minor injuries, you can begin treatment at home to stabilize your pet before making the trip to the veterinary hospital. 

Render First Aid

Attempt to stop bleeding by applying clean clothes to your pet’s wound. For severe bleeding, try to tie the cloth off so it remains in place and applies pressure to the wound. For minor cuts or injuries, you can first clean the wound out with water or saline solution, and remove foreign objects like glass or gravel from the wound. Then wrap it lightly with a clean cloth. If your pet has a broken bone and will allow you to splint it, you can fashion a quick splint from cardboard, a magazine, or a piece of wood secured with string or cloth. 

Transport Your Pet to the Closest Veterinary Hospital 

Even if your pet’s injury seems minor, you should take them to the closest veterinary hospital for professional evaluation and treatment. Your pet may have internal injuries that you can’t see, or may need medication, x-rays, or stitches. Even minor injuries can become more serious without proper care, and your pet may be at risk of infection or re-injury. Put your pet carefully in a box or pet carrier, or wrap them in a sheet or towel to keep them restrained during transport.

Call ahead to your closest veterinary hospital that offers 24/7 emergency care and let them know that you and your pet are on your way so that they can prepare for your arrival.



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